About our company

PAUFEX Prešov, Ltd. company was established in 1996 as the successor of PAUFEX company (established in 1991). Company focuses on development and production of custom electronics and uses extensive experiences of its employees in the development of industrial control systems. In 1994, workers PAUFEX employees successfully completed development of the first generation of its own microcomputer control system for applications in process control technology especially in heat production and supply. System got brand name DIRAS. Over time, our activities focused mainly on measurement and control (M&C) in the production and consumption of heat, waste water treatment plants (WWTP) and process control technology in general.

From supply the initial measurement, regulation and control technology have gradually passed to complex deliveries (M&C| and Eli for the boiler, heat exchanger and heat transfer stations and waste water treatment plants. In addition to the process control company realizes a dispatcher monitoring and SCADA / HMI systems for technological processes monitoring, visualization and dispatching control.